Ensure the Plans for Your Property After Death Are Honored

Ensure the Plans for Your Property After Death Are Honored

Turn to attorney Branch for estate and probate law in Temecula, CA

Would the courts know what to do with your property after you died? Don’t leave your loved ones in confusion. Visit The Law Office of John W. Branch for estate law matters in Temecula, CA.

As a sole practitioner, attorney Branch will take the time needed to develop a clear will that designates your assets exactly as you want. He also practices probate law in Temecula, CA, so he can guide you through the probate process if you’ve been named a personal representative.

Call attorney Branch today at 312-576-9249 to make sure every one of your assets is given to the right beneficiary.

Attorney Branch’s other estate law practice areas

As an estate and probate lawyer of 27 years, attorney Branch can also handle:
  • Estate litigation—Resolving claims or contests to the estate
  • Trusts—Transferring ownership of certain assets to a trustee
  • Powers of attorney—Authorizing another person to represent you in private or business affairs

Get in touch with attorney Branch right away to make your wishes after death known.