Don’t Face the IRS Alone

Don’t Face the IRS Alone

Select Attorney Branch for tax litigation in Temecula, CA

As an experienced tax litigation attorney in Temecula, CA, attorney Branch of The Law Office of John W. Branch can represent you during IRS cases. He can develop a strong defense against IRS lawsuits. He can also help you file a lawsuit against the IRS if you think you’ve been wronged.

Attorney Branch has been practicing law since 1990. You can depend on him to work hard for satisfactory results in your case. Get in touch with him today to start building your case.

Call attorney Branch to handle your tax law cases

Attorney Branch is a reliable source in Temecula, CA for tax law guidance. He can take on:
  • Tax fraud cases
  • Tax penalty cases
  • Tax compliance cases

Reach out to attorney Branch now to go over the details of your case.